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Join the Fight Against Faxing to Request Prior Mammograms

Send Mammogram business method technology is patent pending, in the baby stages of launching an online service to empower women to request prior mammograms, before breast cancer screening or diagnostic mammography appointments.


I created this video to shed light on the need for internal operational improvements in mammography facilities nationwide.

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Send Mammogram Project from Tillata Gibson on Vimeo.


Faxing is Outdated: Digital Signatures and Mobile Apps is the New Era

Current systems of obtaining prior mammograms are outdated, costly, time consuming and inefficient. Documents sitting on fax machines are not totally secure. People are using computers, not fax machines. Having this technology in place will help accredited mammography departments and facilities obtain mammograms prior to scheduled appointments.

NOW is the time for a secure on-line system!


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Tillata Gibson
Founder| Send Mammogram
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