First Meeting with an Angel Investor

I decided to write this post, about my first meeting with an Angel Investor today. Before the clock strikes midnight, I’m pulling myself away from watching episodes of Downton Abby to unwind, just to share my story.

Friday, we both agreed over the phone to meet for lunch. I planned a meeting at a familiar restaurant called ‘Nan’ Thai fine dining in Atlanta at 12:30pm.  Nan is a good place to meet. The ambience is nice. The place is relatively quiet, so I figured we wouldn’t have any problems hearing each other speak at Nan. Cool. I sent the address to the Angel Investor by text message.

My intuition prompted me to double check the web page for the restaurant hours of operation. I’m so glad I did. Nan opens at 5pm on Sundays. Next choice is a place to meet, eat and greet closer to his 2pm appointment. Here’s the second text message sent on Friday:

 “Angel Investor,  Nan restaurant opens at 5pm on Sundays. I hope u like pizza. Let’s meet @ Rocky Mountain Pizza Company 1005 Hemphill Ave NW, Atlanta 30318. Off 10th St, very close to Georgia Tech. See u @ 12:30” Tillata.


My duh moment

Of course, I didn’t go to bed till close to 4am on Sunday. I kept tweaking my website, keynote presentation, social media pages, PDF, and reviewing Angel Investor’s website. At 9:40am I was awakened by a strange noise- just a Facebook notification. I get up, make coffee, shower and get dressed.  At 11:08am  I called Angel Investor to confirm our meeting. Clearly, the voice message is an office phone number! Duh!

Immediately, my scalp starts to expand and contract realizing he never received the messages. I checked my phone for a possible email. There it is! An email sent Saturday night at 10:27pm. Of course I didn’t see it because I was too busy stressing for nothing.

Angel Investor:

Hey! Did you ever remember the name of the Thai restaurant? I look forward to meeting!”

Immediately, I explained that I sent text messages, but I can’t tell if the email reply actually sent from my phone. I rush to my computer and replied again. Aw-shucks! It takes Angel Investor one hour and 20 minutes to reach this side of town.

Angel Investor:

“Sounds great! My cell is xxx-xxx-xxxx in case you need to call or text.”


While driving, I chuckled reflecting on my first phone conversation with Mr. Angel Investor. One day I received an email from the CEO of an online medical image storage company. The CEO recommended that I visit Angel Investor’s website and contact him. My phone was breaking up, but I manage to hear his name and something about consulting.

Sometimes not knowing the details can be a plus. I recall speaking very confident to Angel Investor about my start up. As I sorted his comments in my memory files I kept thinking, who is this guy?  Finally, I said, “So just tell me, what exactly can you do for me?” The next day he sent me an invite to connect on Linked In.

Profile: Angel Investor, Serial Entrepreneur and Startup Mentor. Well, I was the incredible shrinking woman for the next 10 minutes.

The meeting

The Rocky Mountain Pizza Company looks like a wedged-shaped neighborhood corner store. The outside of the building appeared worn compared to photos. The front of the pizzeria was a little noisy, so I sat at a booth in the back.  About five minutes later Angel Investor walks in.  We smile, shake hands and start talking. I proceeded to talk about me, just to give him an idea of my background. We spent an hour and 15 minutes talking about the startup and crowd funding.

http://www.rockymountainpizza.comRocky Mountain Pizza Company is more of a sports bar than a pizzeria. The employees are very nice. As time passed,  the placed filled up with people wearing green t-shirts. It appeared that everyone was wearing a green t-shirt except myself and the Angel Investor. Touch down! Half the people jumped up and screamed loudly. I glanced at several  TV screens. Angel Investor noted they were watching the Eagles vs. Packers football game and ironically, the Falcons were playing at the Georgia Dome. Suddenly, the entire restaurant shouted the Eagle fight song.

Then I noticed that the sign above me read ‘YOUR IN EAGLES COUNTRY’.

Angel Investor:

“Well, this is certainly a memorable first meeting. I like memories.”

While parting in front of The Rocky Mountain Pizza Company I asked Angel Investor a question.

Angel Investor:

‘That’s a topic for another conversation.”

Moral of the story

If you’re meeting someone important and you decide on pizza, double check to make sure it’s not a sports bar.

Mr. Angel Investor was right. It was a very memorable first meeting. Sometimes not knowing the details can be a plus.


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