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The 30 Second Pitch Video

On September 26, 2014 I attended a pitch practice class held in Buckhead at Atlanta Tech Village. I arrived a few minutes before 2pm, walked into a big open room, and a very tall-distinguished looking gentleman was standing to my left. Atlanta-Tech-VillageThe gentleman smiled asking, “are you here for pitch practice class?” I said, “yes!” and I introduced myself. He said, “grab a chair and follow me!” I grabbed a chair and we both proceeded to walk towards an already full conference room.

People moved over to make space. I propped up my chair, sat down and tried to make sense out of the current presentation. I soon became aware that the class started earlier, but my source stated 2pm. The gentleman speaking was the last presenter. After his presentation, the class asked questions and offered their advice. Then I heard ‘the voice!’ A voice from the head of the table, “who else wants to pitch?” Eyes started rolling around and most of them were looking at me. (more…)

Send Mammogram Project

Join the Fight Against Faxing to Request Prior Mammograms

Send Mammogram business method technology is patent pending, in the baby stages of launching an online service to empower women to request prior mammograms, before breast cancer screening or diagnostic mammography appointments.


I created this video to shed light on the need for internal operational improvements in mammography facilities nationwide. (more…)