Send Mammogram is in the baby stages of launching an online service to empower women to request their prior mammograms, before a breast cancer screening or diagnostic mammography appointment.

Mammography is unique. Prior images compared to the current study are an important part of mammography. Mammography facilities require authorization forms to request prior mammograms faxed to the prior facility. However, patients schedule appointments for mammograms and often present to facilities without prior images available for comparison.

What is the reason?

“I don’t have a fax machine or I was unable to pick them up.”

Our  current system of faxing to obtain prior mammograms is costly, time consuming and inefficient. Faxing is outdated and access to fax machines is not convenient for most people. People are using computers, not fax machines. Dig­i­tal sig­na­tures and mobile apps is the new era.

Send Mammogram Project

An Internet solution to send an authorization form and obtain digital signatures will help accredited mammography departments and facilities obtain prior mammograms faster, more efficient and prior to scheduled appointments.

The Problem We Promise to Solve:

Send Mammogram can achieve internal operational improvements that are not directly seen by customers and the facility. Send mammogram can provide:

  • An Internet solution- a convenient user friendly website for patients to request prior mammograms.
  • Patients will be empowered to request their breast images prior to scheduling an appointment.
  • Available prior breast images will minimize delays in patient care.
  • Available prior breast images will minimize unnecessary biopsies.
  • Available prior breast images will help minimize additional imaging.
  • Available prior breast images will improve the quality of breast care for millions of women.
  • Available prior breast images will help reduce Radiologist addendums to reports due to waiting on prior mammograms for comparison.
  • Eliminate the time consuming effort of staff obtaining authorization forms during appointments.
  • Staff can conveniently manage patient request from a CRM system.

How Send Mammogram Works:

Send Mammogram is a secure website and mobile application. Users and mammography facilities sign up for an account. Users access a database of mammography facilities to complete an authorization form. This information is populated to a secure encrypted HIPAA compliant form and the user signs with an electronic signature. The authorization request for prior breast images is submitted digitally to the facility.  The prior facility then mails the CD or digital breast images are submitted to the new facility for comparison. The information is stored for future reference and can be synced with the mobile app to save the current mammogram location. The mobile app is equipped with location based service (LBS) technology for patients to save their current mammogram location and other important information at the time of their appointment.

How We Help Hospitals and Mammography Facilities Nationwide:

Send Mammogram can help hospitals and mammography facilities by:

  • Offering patients a convenient alternative to fax machines.
  • The software is accessible from any computer or device, reducing staff and customer acquisition cost.
  • Patients can request prior mammograms over the Internet before their appointment.
  • Facilitate comparison of current and prior mammograms, reducing radiology addendums to reports.
  • Change the way hospitals and mammography facilities do business by using a CRM system with real time tracking.
  • A mobile app and database storage of prior mammography facility.
  • Never forget your facility again.

How We Will Spend Your Contributions:

Your contributions will be spent on:

  • Engineering and design
  • Prototype and testing

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Tillata Gibson
Founder| Send Mammogram
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